The Nagiyd Network is a relational network of churches, ministries, and ministry leaders across the world connected by the desire to see the true church emerge and multiply. The Nagiyd Network provides missions partnership and leadership development. We are committed to the common cause of building up one another as we devote ourselves to worshiping God, developing believers, and reaching out to the lost and hurting through evangelism and acts of compassion.

The Nagiyd Network

The Nagiyd Network offers a connection of like-minded leaders, ministries and missionaries committed to loving and helping each other fulfill the Great Commission. Our corporate offices are located in Colorado Springs, CO.

What Is Nagiyd

Nagiyd (naw'-gheed) is a Hebrew word that means a leader that stands boldly out front to announce, profess, utter and declare. We believe the Father is raising up a generation of leaders that are called to "cry loud, spare not, lift of their voice like a trumpet..." Sons and daughters who have heard a clarion call and are responding to it with a determination to see the harvest gathered, nations transformed and the glory of the Lord cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.  

We're Better Together

Too often independent and disconnected leaders struggle alone in their commitment to the Lord. Without meaningful peer relationships, leaders often find themselves in isolation. Nagiyd is a place to connect with other ministers and develop meaningful relationships. Nagiyd will also provide support for ministries through our International Leaders and Leadership Team.

Through Nagiyd, we want to come together to develop a culture which will bring transformation and revival. Strategic networking allows members of Nagiyd to pool their resources so that their efforts will have the greatest impact on the world around them. New and deepening relationships offer members a source of accountability, partnership and relational support from apostolic and prophetic leaders, strengthening members and providing a place of unity and growth. Establishing relationships with emerging ministry leaders around the world creates new opportunities that allow the Kingdom to grow.

Leadership summits & conferences

In addition to relational support, Nagiyd has a team of leaders to equip ministries who desire increase in the lifestyle of power evangelism. Further opportunities to receive training and impartation are available at our annual Nagiyd Summits. Open to missionaries, established and emerging five-fold ministers and ministry leaders , these meetings are a perfect opportunity to forge new relationships and connections and strengthen existing ones. Under a unified vision, we intend to advance the Kingdom of God on the Earth. Together, we are able to fulfill our mission and its goals. If you are interested in becoming a member of Nagiyd click the link below.

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