Judah Company is a global community of musicians, artists, intercessors, dancers, worshipers, and world-changers who are passionate about seeing Jesus glorified through intimate and radical worship that leads to kingdom transformation of cities, regions, and nations. Our mandate is to fill the atmosphere of the earth with the sights and sounds of heaven and dismantle every sound of enemy! 

"If I be lifted up I'll draw ALL men unto me"


Not following a prepared script. That which has not been planned for or anticipated

What would happen if we implicitly trusted the Holy Spirit as we worshiped? What if we relaxed, following His leadership? What if we knew beyond a shadow of doubt that He was moving? How would that influence our worship?  What would happen if we would forget how we looked;  would forget how we sound and pour our entire being into worship. The more vulnerable we are the more freedom the Holy Spirit has to move through us and among us.

Stay Tuned:  More about UnScrptD coming soon!