The Apostolic Roundtable

with Anthony Turner

The body of Christ is just that.... A Body! We need one another. The goal of The Apostolic Roundtable is to help foster safe and healthy relationships among apostolic, kingdom-minded apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.  We want to hear what God is saying to the Ekklesia for such a time as this. Coming together allows us to hear all the voices God is speaking through to give us the clearest strategy for reaching our nation and the nations.  There is only one Church and Jesus is the head. He prayed that we would all become one. There are many streams of His Church but we desire to flow into one river. Our goal is to be unified in our efforts to reach the world.  We all need help, support and encouragement. Our goal is to help network our individual resources for the Ekklesia to be an effective force in the earth.